M coupe Part 4: Refurbishing the Axles

With the output shafts and differential finished, it was time to move onto the axles. One of the axles had a parking cable rubbing against it, causing it to wear through the paint to the bare metal. I decided to strip all the paint down and also install new CV axles on the diff side, as the outer CV joints are non-replaceable on these as far as I am aware

Below is what I was starting with

Filthy! Of course, this is the CV that is getting replaced anyways. Regardless, they were cleaned before being worked on...

One CV joint off... first pic showing the clip that holds the axle in place and the second picture showing how I used my workbench to support the CV while I hammered the axle out through the middle. This is the last time I should have to do this... I bought a press the next day

Next, in typical fashion for this project, I spent way too long making these parts shiny. I was originally going to paint them, but I really like the bare metal look. So I decided I am going to just clearcoat them to protect them but otherwise leave them with the bare metal finish

I got them both looking nice and then started to put the new CV joint on

I ended up installing it backwards the first time and the clip wouldn't go on as seen above. I used my brand new press to get them back out and after flipping them around and installing them correctly, the new CV's were installed. I packed them with grease and installed the boots and the axles were finished

I think it is cleaning up nicely. Subframe is next


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