N62 Z3 Part 21: Paint

And finally... the first coat of 2K epoxy primer. I did a light dusting for the first few coats

I was pretty happy with how the seams came out

And another coat

It's nice to see everything in one color now

Then a slighter thicker coat was applied

Then it was all scuffed up a bit to make for a smooth surface and check for any imperfections

If I was building a show car, there were a few more spots I could have touched up, but I plan on driving the car and the things it needed were very minor, so with that in mind I decided to move forward from here

After a final layer of primer was applied. It will cure overnight and be painted the following morning. The final result after the final primer layer looks pretty nice, especially the areas I focused the most on which is that seam from the fender panel to the shock tower

The next morning it looked like this and I scuffed it again and started painting

After the first two coats of paint - I took the pictures while the paint was wet so it looks a little splotchy

I was originally planning on painting an original radiator core support (so that if I wanted to ditch the dual intake someday it was already color matched) butI didn't have enough paint for that so just did this one. There are certainly some areas on this panel that could have used more work but those will be covered when installed anyways

After the final coat

The following day I started re-assembly and finished attaching the brake lines. I still have to bend the ones between master cylinder and the ABS unit

Some more photos from the following day after the touchup areas had dried. We did have a dust storm the night before these photos were taken (or at least it got really windy, my cars were filthy) so there are specks of dust here and there but gives a better idea of the overall look

Then I added some clips for the brake lines to hold them in place, I rivnutted through one side of them to keep them secure and allow the lines to be removable

There is a multi-line holder here under the steering shaft - it holds in the two lines that go to the rear. There is also a third spot on that clip for a fuel line

Next I cleaned up some of the wiring around this area, starting to come together, everything in this area is just about done except the lines from master to ABS

Some DEI heat rejecting wrap in the transmission tunnel

Then started to tidy up the electronics area a little bit

Starting to come together

I think this came out pretty well although if the green had a little more contrast against the black I think it would look even nicer

Next was to work on something I had been avoiding for a little while if I am being honest and that is to finish the last little bits of wiring. When I got it running there were a few jumper cables here and there sort of making everything work and my goal was to integrate all of that and also now that the pedal wires were routed through the firewall and it was painted, it was time to install the pedal wires too

Not a lot to show picture wise but there is a little visual evidence of the work... the coolant temperature sensor harness is all wired in and the PWM fan wires are all installed although I don't have a harness on those yet though because I haven't decided what fan to run and different fans have different harnesses. These wires are a couple gauges thicker than stock wiring for this application, just in case that fan is running heavy duty to keep things cool I don't want to worry about the fan wiring

I actually went back to the shop one late night because I got so excited about this idea I had and by the time I got there I had worked out an even better version of the idea. The problem I was facing was that I wanted to install the stock electronic pedal that the M54/S54 Z3's got. However, to be perfectly honest, the later assemblies are a more reliable system overall and I didn't want to work myself into a corner where I wasn't able to swap to the newer style pedal if I wanted to. So my initial idea was to pigtail two harnesses off the wires, so that they would effectively "both" be installed but only one would be plugged in at any given time

Then I just thought, well, why don't I just use an extra connector to make an adapter... and because the one side was cut so long, I managed to do it without any splices in the middle - just nice crimps on both ends

I'm probably way more excited about this than I should be but I thought it was pretty clever. It allows me to plug the newer style pedal into the older style connector

After the PWM fan harness is on, I believe I only have one more wire to run, which is the main positive to supply the fuse box. I also was not able to finish wiring the Z3 pedal stuff because I was out of male pins... once those arrive I will finish that and reinstall the pedal box