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Harlequin Tartan Plaid
  • Harlequin Tartan Plaid

    On sale!

    Sold by the yard


    This is a fabric I've thought about for a long time... VW GTI Tartan Plaid, in a custom color pattern featuring the Harlequin color scheme. The "Tartequin" perhaps?

    ASC Fabrics is the original creator of this fabric

    For those who don't know, the Volkswagen Harlequin was a formula first applied to the 1995 Polo but is more familiar to most in the US as the limited edition run of 264 VW Golf's produced in 1996. The story goes that the "Harlequin" treatment dates back to an ad for the original Beetle which showed off how many parts were compatible between different years - this ad featured a VW Beetle with body panels of different colors, touting that each panel was from a different year, showing off how interchangeable (and thus easily  and cheaply repairable) the cars were.

    Later on, as a sort of then-modern homage to this succesful ad campaign, VW took cars off the factory floor - equal parts red, blue, green and yellow in color, and switched the body panels between them - giving them a striking resemblance to the Beetle in that classic ad and producing the now highly sought after Harlequin models. Though a bit of a sales flop in their day, this has become a fairly popular theme in which VW's, Audi's and other European makes are modified. It's fun, its funky, it's extremely '90s - what's not to love about the Harlequin?

    And what's not to love about the VW GTI's infamous "Tartan" fabric? Used since the '70s on their sporty hatchback models the Tartan design is pure, classic Volkswagen.

    I thought with my entrance into the VW community I would make a splash by combining two of VW's most unique pieces of heritage in one bespoke fabric, only available at ASC Fabrics. Perfect to create your Harlequin homage today!


    Now available by the foot

    International shipping rates will calculate at checkout


    The width of the material is 58"

    Buying quantity one gives you 36" x 58"

    Buying quantity three gives you 108" x 58"


    Orders will ship as one continuous piece

    ie. if you order 6 feet you will receive a single segment which is 6 feet long and 58" tall


    For those who use metric

    The width of the material is 1.47 meters

    Buying 1 yard gives you .91 meter x 1.47 meters

    Buying 3 yards gives you 2.7 meter x 1.47 meters


    Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!


    Note: The VW Fabrics are a little wider than 58" but the last few inches may need to be folded to fit into the box and may develop some wrinkling as a result, but will have 58" of usable area


    One yard will reupholster one seat center area

    A full interior of four seat centers (front and rear) requires 11-12 feet

    Four door panel inserts will generally require 3-4 feet

    15 feet will usually do four seat ceners and four door panel inserts

    Please verify with your upholsterer for exact measurements if you are unsure

    IN STOCK NOW and ships from the US

    This material is Copyright ©ASC Fabrics 2020

      $60.00 Regular Price
      $35.00Sale Price
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