M Coupe

M Coupe

Pin/Poster Set is a set of One M Coupe pin, One E39 M5 pin, One M Coupe poster and One E39 M5 poster


The M Coupe is a BMW engineer's pet project, a testament to what pure unbridled passion can create. A vehicle born of the question "What if we could make this better" - the coupe was created, a marked improvement over the roadster in terms of chassis capability the M Coupe is as at home setting records at the racetrack as it is ferrying your dog to the park. A modern classic in every sense of the word.


A collaboration with leen customs, these pins are approximately 1.5" x .75 and feature a soft enamel finish and two secure rubber clasps on the back


Once they are sold out, they are gone for good!


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