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BMW Fabric upholstery automotive fabric cloth material. Comfort you can't see but can definitely feel: SunReflective Technology keeps the leather of your BMW's seats and steering wheel cooler - even in direct sunlight - so you can always feel comfortable when you get behind the wheel.

SunReflective Technology is based on a special pigment during the treatment of the leather, which reflects direct sunlight in the invisible waveband. As a result, the surfaces do not become as hot as usual and maintain a pleasantly low temperature. Compared to conventional leather, SunReflective Technology keeps your steering wheel and seats up to 25 °C cooler. The difference is especially large for dark-coloured upholstery.
However, even pale leather is kept noticeably cooler thanks to SunReflective Technology. Developed by BMW Individual, SunReflective Technology guarantees a pleasant surface temperature even after exposure to strong direct sunlight - a significant bonus when you love driving a Convertible. 

BMW E36 M3 Estoril Blue
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