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How much fabric do I need?




Is your fabric suitable for headliners?




Do you ship to my country?

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, an interior will need about 2-3 feet per seat center area and 4 feet for 4 door panels. This means replicating an OE interior with 4 seat centers and 4 door panels in fabric requires ~15 feet total. Some cars, like E46's, have a much larger area in the door panels and may need 16 or in some cases 17 feet for a complete OE style interior. But most cars, especially E36 and older, will need 15 feet for a full interior

The best bet is to ask your upholsterer how much they recommend

Yes, most of my fabrics come with foam pre-applied to the backside, and while it is designed for seat usage, it is usable for headliner applications and has proven to work well for this purpose. Most coupe or sedan headliners will need 9 feet to do the main headliner board, A/B/C pillars and sunroof insert. Wagons will need 10 feet or more

Yes, I ship internationally and have shipped to every continent in the world except Antarctica. To check on shipping cost requires size and weight - which my website will calculate with items in your cart when you go to checkout. So the best way to check on shipping cost is to simply add what you are interested in to your cart and see what shipping cost it calculates on the checkout page

If you feel there is an error in shipping cost, or you have an alternate shipping method you prefer (some customers provide me their own shipping information for international orders) then please contact me using the form on the top of this page

Please note shipping rates have gone up as of 2021, this is out of my control

 ​ ​ ​ ​  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Can you send me a sample?​


What is your return policy?


Returns are accepted within 60 days and on a per-case basis after 60 days


The fabrics are cut from a roll at the measurement of your specific order, as such returns may not yield a fully usable quantity of material. As such a restocking fee of up to 15% may be charged for uncut returned orders. If the fabric has been cut it is handled on a per-case basis

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