N62 Z3 Part 16: Test Fit & Dual Intake Install

With the chassis fabrication done it was time to test fit the engine before prettying thing up, just in case things have to be modified further. I do not have the flywheel yet but I bolted things up for test fit purposes. I can also mock up engine mounts and etc while I continue to look for someone who can balance my V8 flywheel

First things first though I did want to make sure things didn't... shift... while welding. So I unbolted the radiator core support and strut bar and then made sure I could bolt it in by hand, which I thankfully could

Next was to get the transmission mated to the engine. Kind of weird doing it without the flywheel but this will allow me to move forward with the other aspects of fabrication in the meantime

Got the transmission bolted in place and then checked clearance everywhere around the transmission while I was under there. It does not look like I need any further clearancing on the transmission itself although the tunnel is very close to the trans which may require lowering the transmission mount, via a spacer

Very tight up top

Top-side it was time to check how all the previous work looked with the engine in place

Tensioner clearance looked very good

As did the alternator clearance. The alternator notch is so long because the goal was to make it so I could replace the alternator with the engine installed

The heater core bracket was also in a very good location

And the hose lined up properly

So all in all that was a huge win. I just stood back and took a few pictures of the V8 sitting in the Z3... very happy with how this is coming along at this point

And the hood still closes properly too!

Decided to throw the radiator core support back on and start mocking up radiators. I was really happy with the depth of the notch on the framerail on this side - my goal was to stop just short of the radiator and I accomplished that perfectly

This is a stock hose for a 6 cylinder model, this shows well how much further back the V8 sits than the I6

With some hoses in place. The upper hose I will be sourcing a different one but the I6 one stretched into position might... technically work... but I wouldn't run it like that

For anyone curious, the strut bar does not fit at the engine's current height

I then found a coolant line that was really nicely shaped to fit from the expansion tank to the engine

This is how I left it for the day. Starting to really come along

That night I ordered a bunch of parts and the next day I had a small project I've been meaning to knock out, I have some spare steel from the frame reinforcement so why not. When removing the radiator core support the mounting ears got mangled a little bit - they are spotwelded on, and sometimes require a little prying to get off, as I don't like to remove too much material by drilling too wide at the spotweld

So the goal here was to create something that acted sort of as a giant washer, to pull the ear flat as one piece when it was tightened down, as I was noticing previously it would pull in the ear around the bolt mount, but cause some waviness as it wasn't perfectly flat

Some more cardboard-aided design got me a template, which I marked out on the steel plate

A little trimming to shape, smoothing out the harsh edges. I'm pretty happy with how this came out considering the only tools I used to make it were an angle grinder with a cutting disc and then a flap disc (*do not try this at home!) plus a drill for the bolt holes

I could have gotten it a little tighter on the upper corner there but it was pretty hard getting it as precise as it was to begin with

I also test fit the Z3 PWM fan setup I made awhile ago. I made this for my personal 3.0 car by plastic welding the Z3 fan shroud tabs onto an E46 PWM puller fan. There was a TON of clearance. I may actually trim an E53 PWM fan assembly down to the correct size and see if I can make that fit instead, as the extra cooling ability of a higher wattage fan would certainly be welcome

I also hooked up the DME again and plugged everything back in to see if the DME was still communicating... very happy that it was! Doesn't mean a ton but it's nice to just ensure it's still communicating

It will be even better once I get the flywheel installed so I can test start it again!

Then I got the intake and radiator support bracket in so I could see if they would work... the E30 radiator support seems like it could have been made to fit, but once I fit the intake that was completely redundant

The intake is pretty huge and I had to remove the radiator to get it to fit