N62 Z3 Part 27: The Part Where I Make It Look Decent

Now that it's mechanically about where I want it, it's time to get the car all one color and a bit more complete as far as cosmetics go! The first step is the bumper and the hood side grills, plus adding on some M mirrors. I still have a full color changed planned in the future but for now I just want to get the car all one color so I am using color matched rattle cans and spraying in my backyard...

Thought I would also mix it up with black over silver valve cover trims, not sure how I like it, but it might just be because I got used to how the silver parts looked

Installed the fender liners

Then painted the bumper

I am not terribly happy with how the paint came out, there was poor coverage and it was advertised as a single stage but it very clearly needs a clearcoat to have the proper gloss, it's sort of a matte finish as it is. I think I will buy some more to get full coverage then apply a clearcoat. I applied a clearcoat over the hood side vents and M side mirrors (they were drying while I was driving) and they came out ok. The color match isn't bad. Oh well. It's better than before at least

The rain kept temps a lot cooler, which kept the IAT's cooler as well as the coolant temps. The aux fan in front never had to activate the high speed but I did see the low speed kick on a few times, it was nice to verify that worked properly

Then I polished the headlights, but first I wanted to address this little "feature" of the Z3 lights. They have this black painted part but it just terminates sort of randomly. So I masked off the light and "finished" the black paint out to the edge of the lens

Then I began the process of polishing the lights. I always found this very easy and enjoyable to do on the Z3 headlights since they are pretty much "flat" it is easy to sand

Next step

Then a UV clearcoat specifically designed for plastic is applied

Here's a before and after

Let those daytime running lights shine!

And the lowbeams... clarity is phenomenal!

Still not sure what to do about the bumper paint being "matte" at this point but I'm going to ignore it for now and address it later, it may just have to wait until I repaint the whole car...

Although I will say, indirect lighting from a cloudy day does wonders to make a car look good

I also put the silver engine covers back on...