Alcantara 9002 Soft
  • Alcantara 9002 Soft

    This is "Soft" Type Alcantara

    Alcantara Soft has a fabric backing that adds reinforcement to the material. The added fabric minimizes Alcantara Soft's stretchability and is ideal for seating surfaces.


    Please note: The texture is also slightly different than the Cover or Panel variants used on headliners or steering wheels from the factory. Any quality upholstery shop should have a sample book including Alcantara material which will showcase the different grades of material.


    Alcantara Soft has a texture that is a little closer to the original material used on the E36 M3 seats (the original E36 M3 seat bolster material is now truly NLA as far as I can tell, phased out due to environmental regulations, though I remain on the hunt for it!)


    Genuine Alcantara Color Code 9002
    This is real Alcantara in the color BMW M has used for interior accents since the early 2000's

    Quantities are sold by the yard x 56"
    1 yard = 1 yard x 56"
    3 yards = 3 yards x 56"


    Ships from the US!

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