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Funky Orange ZigZag
  • Funky Orange ZigZag

    Do you want a one of a kind interior?


    This is one of the first two fabrics I've procured in a new series of funky fabrics. These are limited edition materials - available one time only for one interior only

    I will only sell one interior's worth of these materials!


    One of the first two of these one-off materials available is the Funky Orange ZigZag. A vibrantly colored, predominantly blue fabric with a yellow/orange/red gradient zig zag running the length of the material


    Perfect for anything from a unique drift car to a weekend warrior canyon cruiser or even just your daily driver!


    These are also priced cheaper per unit than other materials!


    Material length is 215" (about 18 feet)

    Material width is 43"

    There are two zig-zag segments running along the length

    The zigzag starts at 4/5" from the edge with 8" in between

    The zigzag segments are about 12.5" wide


    Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!

      $220.00 Regular Price
      $185.00Sale Price
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