Gray M Rain Fabric
  • Gray M Rain Fabric


    Color and pattern have been improved over the previous version!

    Only available here at ASC Fabrics

    See second and third pictures for comparison photos between the old and new versions!


    Reproduction of E36 M3 "M Rain" fabric
    This fabric is extremely high quality meeting all ISO safety and quality standards for UV resistance, fire protection and more


    A  reproduction of the original light gray E36 M3 "M rain" or "M rips" material (BMW part number 51928179957 )


    Now available by the foot

    Flat rate $10 shipping anywhere in the US

    International shipping rates will calculate at checkout


    Orders will ship as one continuous piece

    ie. if you order 1 yard (36") and 2 feet (24"), you will receive a single segment which is 70" long


    The width of the material is 58"

    Buying one foot gives you 12" x 58"

    Buying three feet gives you 36" x 58"


    For those who use metric

    The width of the material is 1.47 meters

    Buying 1 foot gives you .30 meter x 1.47 meters

    Buying 3 feet gives you .91" x 1.47 meters


    Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!


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