LTW Hurricane
  • LTW Hurricane

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    Reproduction of E36 M3 "LTW" Hurricane fabric
    This fabric is extremely high quality meeting all ISO safety and quality standards for UV resistance, fire protection and more


    Why is it called "LTW Hurricane"?

    The E36 M3 LTW used a variant of the E34 M5 "M Hurricane" fabric, only instead of the M red, purple and blue colors, the LTW used three shades of red.

    Quantities are sold by the yard x 58"
    1 yard = 1 yard x 58"
    3 yards = 3 yards x 58"


    Quantities are sold by .91 meter x 148cm
    1 yard = .91 meters x 148cm
    3 yards = 2.7 meters x 148cm


    Ships from the US!


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