Black M Rain Fabric
  • Black M Rain Fabric

    NEW, IMPROVED M Rain as of 9/16/2020!
    ASC Fabrics is the original source of M Rain reproduction material and the ONLY source of this version which is the best on the market and closest to the OE pattern!

    Most notable features of the improved version of M Rain:
    Improved background color

    Improved all "rain" colors (especially red)

    Improved background pattern uniformity

    Improved pattern size (made thicker, to be closer to original)


    New improved fabric at the same great price!

    Now in stock!

    (Note: Pictures NOT updated yet - see Gray M rain for pictures of the adjusted pattern - it is closer to OE)


    Reproduction of E36 M3 "M Rain" fabric
    This fabric is extremely high quality meeting all ISO safety and quality standards for UV resistance, fire protection and more


    A faithful reproduction of the original anthracite E36 M3 "M rain" or "M rips" material (BMW part number 51928167767 )

    Quantities are sold by the yard x 58"
    1 yard = 1 yard x 58"
    3 yards = 3 yards x 58"


    Quantities are sold by .91 meter x 148cm
    1 yard = .91 meters x 148cm
    3 yards = 2.7 meters x 148cm


    Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!


    The fabric that started it all...


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