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Woven M Stripe
  • Woven M Stripe

    Reproduction of E12 M535i "M Stripe" fabric
    This fabric is extremely high quality meeting all ISO safety and quality standards for UV resistance, fire protection and more


    This material has two bold M colored stripes running down either side of the material, evenly spaced to allow for full utilization of the pattern.

    This material has no foam and the pattern on the backside is less saturated than the front. The material can be used on either side. The second to last pictue shows the back, the last picture shows the back compared to the front.


    Now available by the foot

    International shipping rates will calculate at checkout


    Note: This material is wider than my standard material and wider than any courier will ship (maximum pacakge length is 60"). As such the top ~12" will be folded over. It is unlikely to crease or wrinkle for short term domestic shipments, but for international orders where it will spend more time in transit, such creases and wrinkles may develop. These can be ironed out, start with a fabric between the M Stripe and the iron, use the iron on low heat and check the M Stripe continuously, increase heat until wrinkles are removed.


    The width of the material is 69"

    Buying one foot gives you 12" x 69"

    Buying three feet gives you 36" x 69"


    Orders will ship as one continuous piece

    ie. if you order 6 feet you will receive a single segment which is 6 feet long and 58" tall


    For those who use metric

    The width of the material is 1.75 meters

    Buying 1 foot gives you .30 meter x 1.75 meters

    Buying 3 feet gives you .91 meter x 1.75 meters


    Ships from the US and arrives to most locations within 5-6 days after the order is placed!

      $40.00 Regular Price
      $25.00Sale Price
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