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M Roadster

Current maintenance/upgrades list

Prior to my ownership Koni/H&R struts/springs

18" CSL style wheels with Michelin tires

Upgraded aftermarket radio system

ZHP style shift knob

11-23 (105k miles)

Radio amplifier (aftermarket)

Front tire

Installed sport mode button, relocated convertible top button to the front console

2-5 (107k miles)

Third brake light gasket

Replaced third brake light with good used part (found it was cracked when replacing gasket)

2-24 (107k miles)


Pulleys and main belt Valve cover gasket (all associated o-rings/washers/gaskets replaced with new BMW parts)

Valve shim adjustment

VANOS rebuilt with Beisan Systems parts (upgraded oil pump disc, seals, sealing plate o-rings)

Beisan Systems upgraded upper timing chain guide

VANOS cam bolts, new parts installed with loctite

Coolant flushed Oil changed with Liqui Moly 10w60


Transmission fluid

Differential fluid

Brake fluid

I bought this car October 2023 from a good friend of mine who had owned it for 20 years. Originally I bought it planning to V8 swap, I am still considering it, but I also think building it as the "ultimate M roadster" would be good too. As it is equipped with the S54 engine I have had thoughts of a CSL intake, headers, exhaust, 6 speed ZF transmission and a 3.46 differential...

Shortly after the VANOS work I decided to fix the sagging exhaust. The driver's side has sagged since I bought the car and after looking, it ended up being a really simple fix - the nut for the hanger fell off, the bolt was still there so I just found a nut that fit and re-installed it. Then polished the tips a bit because I was there.


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