N62 Z3 Part 9: Start Attempts

So, further diagnostics of the no-start condition

You ever look at your hands and you are like wow, those wrinkly hands aren't my hands. But they are. I bet I'm gonna be so wrinkly when I'm older


This is apparently a bad signal. So I need a crankshaft sensor... which is in the mail.

But, me, being impatient, I went ahead and bought one locally

The crankshaft sensor came with a 4.8is attached... this was it as I first saw it

It was cheap, but has a plentiful amount of issues. This N62's valve stem seals are shot... it was quite smokey. The sunroof doesn't work, well it works - but the inner shade doesn't fully work - so it doesn't allow full functionality. The front tires are pretty worn. Power steering pump is bad, as are the control arms

Most notably though, the air suspension is totally shot. Like, zero air pressure at all. It bounced very violently the entire two hour drive home. Finally, at my shop. It looks black in the shadows but is definitely blue

I really love this color, Le Mans Blue. It had been stored out side for a year or so, so it's filthy but just look around the dirt at the beautiful paint

It's currently parked in the overflow lot and I need to move it tomorrow so couldn't take the crank sensor off today

Not entirely sure what the plan is for this X5, but I think most likely, it will become a parts car...

It does come with the crankshaft sensor I need. And of course the 4.8L N62. And a known good IVM. And a known good DME (would need to be coded to the Z3 though, of course). So I want to focus on getting the Z3 started and if I get it running... I will likely throw this 4.8L lump in

More updates soon... should be able to test the Z3 with a good crank sesnor tomorrow!

Well, I got the new sensor in, aligned the DME-EWS, still no cranking. Still no crank signal either. Little disappointing. Going to take a few days off and come back to it next week4

In the meantime, here are some photos of the Rosy-faced lovebirds that live in my backyard

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